“Bloodstream” makes Top 10 Catchiest Indie Singles of 2013 (so far) List!!

Firehorse is big time blushing since we found out that Pigeons And Planes has a little crush on “Bloodstream”! Our single snagged the number 7 spot in their Top 10 Catchiest of the Year So Far.

Look, we think so too, but really c’mon, receiving these accolades still makes us feel like the nerdy weak kid in jr. high who weirdly got picked first to play forward in gym class. In fact maybe we’re still a little suspicious that it’s a Lucas type set up and @PigsAndPlans is gonna lace our undies with cayenne or give us a big wedgie. But no!! P&P tweeted right at us, assuring us this was no joke. So we are not laughing. We are straight up dancing.


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